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Let me first say, I've always had a thing for black guys, but never get anything if they then have to begin to meet my husband for 9 years, who disappeared right out of my mind, we had a great sex life and open on all , then a year ago, suggested that we try to swing, at first I was hurt by it, but then I started to come around to the idea: Why not, since we're both adults, and as he said, is better as sexolandia an issue, we decided that the things that are outside of London and visit a big club, which could only watch and see how we then get, we booked a hotel, and I must confess, I was scared as hell, as sexolandia we entered the club, but we agreed if sexolandia one of us do not feel that was right, that would leave us, I really did not know what to expect, but was a little surprised to see that it was like any other club in fact felt safer somehow, even though he had no intention, something that happened that night, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few black types were there, I had those feelings you have when you're young, you want to do something, but fear not stop you, I'm sure my husband felt the same way as they both drink faster than they normally do, and the more drink seized the greater confidence that was, until he suddenly got up and danced with some women, even if you can call it lol, and I left on my own, sexolandia suddenly a voice said to me, even you were looking for you like I see, was taken a bit surprised when I realize I was not dancing at hand, and when I said, it was time for my drink to take, and I agreed because it would be so fast was as expected, we found the ground hazelnut slow music came, and mounted in his arms, and in seconds, met with the lips, willingly took his tongue in my mouth and let my breasts cup , thinking we were at a swingers club, went straight to my head, and probably was the norm, all I could think, here I have been the weapon of black guys to touch me and do not mindSee also, as we could feel his erection, while dancing, pushed her against me, suddenly took my hand and led me back, we go through some doors for what I can only describe as a hallway and a room was pretty basic , but had everything we needed as soon as we kissed again in us, and I undressed, it was like I was someone else, but the feeling I have touched my breasts as I was to let me know it was, made ​​his new sexolandia inverted jeans and dropped them, and for the first time I saw his penis hard and black, it seemed natural that he knees and in my mouth, feeling his hard cock in my mouth black was all that was expected room, and opened my eyes, I could see the blackness of his skin, my belly, so I did, tingling, stopped me and what can be best described as a personal massager, goodbye my kiss my legs moving and lick the pussy sexolandia that was already in flames, I usually do my kids, it was for me, but sexolandia all I could, this time you wantI remember me, I can now whispered as he moved and I have never cried with joy when he was just kicked me I do not know, was when entering and leaving the comma when it collided with me, all that could be do was lie down when it hit me, opened my eyes all I see is the black face, as we fucked it sexolandia really feels like you are in full swing, and with a push past empty even me, I really do not know what expected, but once it began more than dress like you did, and beckoned me to do the same, but all I could do was sit and enjoy the moment, in retrospect, can now smile about it, there was club, at least one swinging, and my husband could sexolandia not be more than a few feet removed as soon as he was dressed, kissed my lips and went, as simple as that, got dressed and told my husband had asked me where I lied, I would have been for a smoke, said I'm not in this release, what I really think he really meant, I was so drunk, she does not know, as drove home theThe next day, we talked last night and told me I was so happy, croissants us, something that is done, and what a stupid idea, and I agreed, as never my nose grew an inch, I know I have something in hindsight I regret that I do not know what happened in some way, but God, which was a record for me in about 15 minutes i with a black cock in my mouth was naked, and then me and loves every second of it, but worst of all was the name of the boys, I have no idea, I would like to have sex with a black man again if the situation arose, yes definitely, but maybe not after 15 minutes.
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